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Driveways, Groundwork, Drainage, Tarmac

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Tarmac Driveways in County Kerry

Tarmacadam is also known as Asphalt. It is often a dark coloured, bituminous material which can be laid on most surfaces with the right groundwork preparation. Tarmac provides an attractive and versatile finish to any property.

The tarmacadam is mixed and laid while hot to allow it to be levelled and compacted to fit any shape or surface. Once the mixture is cooled it becomes a solid surface useful in any conditions.

Tarmac can be beneficial for most jobs due to effortless maintenance after it has set. If any damage does occur to the tarmac staining then it is easy to repair.

For best results tarmac is often edged with stonework kerbing or a style of paving. This ensures a neat and attractive finish to any driveway.

An alternative option to regular tarmacadam driveway or tar & chip is block or gravel paving. This is an attractive style of driveway.

At Groundworks and Tarmac, we use only the highest quality irish materials so that you receive the best results.